Product/Industrial Design

Purdue University ‘25   ︎  Product & Industrial Design Bachelor’s + Design Innovation Minor  ︎  Nashua, New Hampshire, USA   ︎  UI/UX, ID and Product Design  ︎

New Star Winner / 2023 C-IDEA Design Awards / Germany

CAD + Rendering
May - Jun 2023

Driven by Gen Z and Millennial music enthusiasts, the market for vinyl records has exploded.

For the majority of 18-30 year olds living in urban apartments, space is at a premium. Traditional turntables in the market do not easily fit on console tables or desks.

Jensen is the first turntable optimized for a compact footprint, making vinyls and turntables even more accessible.

Winner 2023 C-IDEA Int’l Design Awards
New Star Award

Winner 2023 LOOP Design Awards
Category - Lifestyle Product Design

CAD: Rhino 7
Rendering: Keyshot 12

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Physical Project 
 April 2023

The objective of this project was to create a bluetooth speaker with an additional function. Kubist uses a Raspberry pi with a python code written from scratch in order to display track onto a touchscreen.

Kubist is primitive, playful and inviting. Designed to bring a more light interaction with the user.

Materials: 3D Printed Plastic, Touchscreen, Raspberry Pi, a lot of wires

Code: Python
UI: Figma

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Physical Project
March 2023

The objective of this project was to make a desk lamp using just wood and aluminum. 

The idea behind tis lamp was to rethink the way light is integrated and dispursed through the lamp. This rethinking allowed Traljus to look as if the wood itself is illuminated.

Trajlus translates from Swedish as “wooden light”, which is a direct derivation of the idea. 

Materials: Wood, Aluminum, LEDs

Physical Project
Feb - Mar 2023

An ice cream scoop for Polestar Cars®

The challenge posed for this project was to create a functioning ice cream scoop for a particular brand identity. 

Materials: Injection Moulded Plastic
Mind. Matter. Magic.